School activities

We specialize in offering and organizing different activities for children between the age of 4 to 13 years in elementary schools in and around Amsterdam. There are various age-oriented activities available, such as yoga for children, Bollywood dancing, drawing and painting, children's choir and computer classes. Individual activities are assigned to children and group activities are encouraged too. Skilled and experienced teachers afford training to students during, in-between, or after school hours. The children receive one on one attention and are also encouraged to develop their talents. While doing so special care is taken for their realm of experience, knowledge and interests so that they can develop themselves further. Their free time is spent meaningfully and this can help in development of a balanced personality. Depending on the available time and situation, the kids can choose to relax or follow a program within the defined structure and discipline. 

All this within a safe and secure atmosphere, so that the child feels comfortable: the welfare of the child always the top priority.
An activity includes on average 10-15 lessons and can be closed with a final presentation. The number of children per activity ranges from 8 to 20. 


For more information and bookings, please contact by email address: or by phone number: +31 (0) 6 5151 4183.

Yoga for children

Yoga for children can be helpful for the development of each child. Playfully they learn to know their bodies and feelings and they are begin to get aware of what they do. During the lessons the children learn to be at ease with themselves. The children learn to relax better, to concentrate, to work together, to feel and to experience pleasure in group activities without the feeling of competition. This leads to increase in self-confidence, and the children tend to get calmer. The yoga for children is based on Hatha yoga and Bhakti yoga. During the yoga classes the children are invariably exposed to story-telling, visualizations, music, massage and meditation. This leads to sharpening of children’s moralities and intuition in a very playful way. Certain exercises are specific for each child and other they do together in a group.
Yoga for children works supportive and preventive.

Indian music lessons with percussion instruments

During these lessons we teach the children to play with for example a dhol or tabla (Indian percussion instruments). Different Talas (rhythmic patterns) are covered, whereby they can broaden their rhythmic feelings and musicality. This environment also presents children an opportunity to develop their social skills once again. A tabla is a very versatile music instrument and almost any imaginable rhythm can be played on it.
It is one of the most famous musical instruments from India and is approximately from 700 years BC. The bayan is played with the left hand, and gives a bass sound. The dayan is played with the right hand. The dholak is used as support instrument much in Indian Punjab, Rajasthan and Bihar regions. In India the children sing and dance on dholak rhythms and the dholak is widely used in Indian movies. Classical music has a beneficial effect on children: they tend to get quieter. Making and playing music facilitates development of intellectual and social skills.

Bollywood dance classes

The Bollywood dance classes are designed for children from the age of 4 years. The children learn with great pleasure to dance with gestures and facial expressions. They learn to express the lyrics and emotion of the song through body language and dance steps, this further helps to improve fine and gross motor skills.
The children are encouraged to use their talents to the best of their abilities. Choreographed dance routines are created to reflect the experiences of the child. Bollywood dance is also sometimes merged with hip hop and street dance. Bollywood dance also helps keep the children fit and brings about a feeling of well being. 
The classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced students. The children are energized thus bringing a fulfillment of body, soul and spirit.

Harmonium lessons

Children learn to play simple songs on the harmonium (baaja). Melody and rhythm are discussed, and the children learn their (musical) instruments. We also pay attention to improvisation and encourage their creativity. Scientific research has shown that music-making children are more intelligent and have a greater imagination. The making of music together solves and mitigates many social problems. The harmonium was formerly taken by the English missionaries to India. There the Indians discovered the instrument again and composed beautiful music using the harmonium.

Music therapy

Music therapy is now used as a medium for healing for children with concentration problems, social/emotional difficulties or, for example, who are introverts or insecure. Music therapy is either passive (listening) or active (making music).
It is a combination of vocals, different musical instruments and musical elements (time, rhythm, melody) and each have their own specific effect. The central theme is that children learn to make music together. The experiences which the child has gained can help a child in his or her daily life. Music promotes the welfare of the child as well as promotes the feeling of oneness. Music brings happiness, joy, serenity or bouts of activity if necessary. A child does not need to be musically inclined, it can be developed individually or in a group. 

Draw and paint

The children learn to work with different materials such as pastel crayon, crayons, colour pencils and various kinds of paint. There are also special techniques used, such as template prints. Painting and drawing is done in a playful and relaxed manner so that the children can express themselves under professional guidance. Children can express themselves using vibrant colours to depict their mood or state of mind. The creation of their art is a reflection of their inner self. Painting and drawing is yet another medium for the children to develop their psyche. During these lessons the children discover their artistic talent. Their fantasy is addressed and the lessons are in line with their experiences for example their favorite animal or teddy-bear, mandalas or themselves. The children work both independently and in groups and build on what they have already learned.

Children's choir

Children can discover and develop their musical talents. Each child can take part, and does not need to be musically talented. The classes are for both beginners and advanced students, and there is an affiliation with each other. The children get trained to develop their voice quality and learn to get conscious of their breathing and it’s control. They learn to recognize music intonations and rhythms. Singing practice promotes concentration and self-confidence. Many children express themselves through music. The lessons are above all fun and relaxing and can be closed with a performance.

Computer classes

Computer lessons are tailor-made to children standard and fantasy. Every child is taught how to go about with a computers. Care is taken and teaching methods are employed so that children easily glide into the computer world and learn the very basics of IT with pleasure. They learn various skills that can help them with mathematics and language, for example with the help of special programs. Attention is paid to typing skills and writing texts. In addition they are also encouraged to pursue their own interests in their free time such as face book, twitter and my space. Other topics cover the use of sending and receiving email, editing photos and videos.
Their creative capabilities, cognitive and social - are addressed. The technical aspects may also be taught on how to get a stuck computer function properly. It is also possible to look in the world behind the computer by learning programming!