'Dhroeh Nankoe is a virtuoso as Indian solmisation concerns, the singing on the names of the notes. Very rapidly the names of the notes are sung


'Nankoe is performing outstanding at several concerts at the Amsterdam India Festival. Like Nitin Sawhney, he is a singer and a very versatile multi instrumentalist. Both musicians create musical bridges and they embrace East and West in a beautiful way'
'Singer Dhroeh Nankoe divided the day in eight pieces, like Indians  do. With musicians from India, a VJ, rapper, and two dancers he created a beautiful atmosphere. The result was a stunning performance wonderful to watch and listen to. Tones and melodies of a raga invoke the right mood related to that particular part of the day. The singer guarantees to set the right mood' 

NPS output, programme Pitch - Goa Trance
'However, the most interesting east-west fusion in this concert with the famous Dutch band Bløf, who got the audience on a high, was the musical persona of guest vocalist Dhroeh Nankoe. He was instrumental on this occasion in bringing the musicians of Holland and India together. He sang his own lilting compositions in Hindi on the harmonium. By a joyous, lively piece the viewers were virtually dancing on their seats...'                                                                                        Sahara Time, India
'And how well different cultures integrate, show the Indian Dhroeh Nankoe and Willeke Alberti from Amsterdam in the Stadsschouwburg at the Boekenbal: Everybody is listening'   Volkskrant
'The highlight of the evening was the short performance of Dhroeh Nankoe. He sung, amongst other styles, in an old Persian singing style which is practised by only a few other singers in the world and he has a very flexible and warm voice'
'The program consists of many music treasures, which are uplifted by the superb singing qualities of Dhroeh. Together with his harmonium, Dhroeh knows how to set the right melancholic atmosphere in a song'
Heerenveense courant
'...No wonder that people were touched, when guitar player Fernando Lameirinhas and singer Dhroeh Nankoe switched in their duet from their own language into Dutch: "Please hold me now, you know I cannot live without your embrace'
NRC Handelsblad
'Dhroeh Nankoe has lots of success with playing techno music at the Love Parade in Berlin. More than ten thousands of people were dancing at his music; Nankoe is a splendid allround musician'
Weekkrant Suriname
'Highlight of the performance of the Chamber Choir of Rotterdam with the Dhroeh Nankoe Ensemble was the moment the choir and ensemble sung together on raga sarang composed music of Dhroeh Nankoe. Dhroeh also sung one of his compositions, a beautiful devotional song in which the modest low tones reminded of Tibetan singing'
Weekkrant Suriname

'...Astonishing is the music of Dhroeh Nankoe: he has the gifts of a cameleon, because here he adapts himself to drum and bass and goatrance'                                                                    New folk sounds

'Dhroeh is so good at singing and music that I wrote a series of songs especially for him, which I had recorded in Bombay and Amsterdam. 'Songs for various occasions' will be a huge success. Ustad Mohammed Sayeed Khan says it with conviction. The 27 year old singer from Amsterdam Dhroeh Nankoe is on the threshold of an international career: Nankoe has long been regarded as the best Hindi-pop singer of the Netherlands, and because of this record he now has a good reputation in music circles in Bombay as well'                                                                                                 Volkskrant

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