YOGIC LIFESTYLE workshops and seminars for adults and lessons for children

For adults: Dhroeh gives workshops and seminars on the yogic lifestyle and on the Ayurvedic knowledge about inner balance and health. You can learn to restore the natural balance in your body, mind and soul through increased consciousness. Attention is given to the effects of meditation, mantra singing and yoga on our well-being. Other topics are: energy and chakras; positive effects of satvic nutrition on our health; how to learn to listen to symptoms as signals from the soul; and how we can attract more love into our lives

For children (and their parents/teachers): playfully learn to live like a little yogi, so that you feel very happy!  During these lessons children learn in a playful way how they can stay close to themselves, how they can keep their hearts open and let their light shine, and how they can live a life full of love and happiness


Dhroeh wants to share his knowledge of the ancient Vedic scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. He also has experience in its practise in daily life. The Vedas are more than 5000 years old and they have been passed on by seers (Rishis). They include all universal wisdom about the creation, existence and evolution of man, as well as all practical means of applying this wisdom in everyday life. Intensive study of the Vedas enriches ones knowledge and deepens the experience of every seeker of truth and unconditional love. If enough people sign up Dhroeh teaches in groups. Please inquire about the possibilities on ‘booking’

MUSIC mantra concerts, music therapy, music lessons 

Dhroeh performs mantra concerts on location and in the Chasse Dance Studios in Amsterdam. These concerts can be watched on Facebook via livestreaming. He offers music therapy to children and adults. Music is a medium for healing the body, mind and soul. Music therapy can be done in passive (listening) or active (playing musical instruments) form, no music skills are required. Dhroeh can also be contacted for lessons in various (Indian) music instruments like harmonium, tabla, dhol, naal, bul bul tarang, mandoline and accordeon


In individual coaching sessions and together with you Dhroeh finds solutions for what is needed to boost your health at all levels (for body, mind and soul). Through his experience and knowledge Dhroeh quickly gets to the point and he knows exactly which changes in your lifestyle can bring about lasting changes

Life vision 

Dhroeh dedicates his life to teaching children and adults and inspire them for personal and spiritual growth through different education methods, meditation, mantra singing, vedic texts, sattvic food etc. In this way one can lead a healthy, conscious, loving and fulfilled life. Because love multiplies it makes the world a better place

In co-creation with Janayitri Brahmanda he has published several books (see this website) which support his teachings to give inspiration to live a conscious life from a place of love and happiness


Dhroeh Nankoe was brought up in an Indian, spiritually inclined family. The origin of living a devotional yogic lifestyle in service of mankind was already rooted there. He has been offering his services, teachings and knowledge on spiritual seminars, festivals and satsangs internationally for many years now 

School activities   

Besides the Yogic Lifeschool Dhroeh Nankoe is also specialized in offering and organizing different activities for children between the age of 4 to 13 years in elementary schools in and around Amsterdam. During or after school hours, the children receive one on one attention and are also encouraged to develop their talents. While doing so special care is taken for their realm of experience, knowledge and interests so that they can develop themselves further. Their free time is spent meaningfully and this can help in development of a balanced personality. Depending on the available time and situation, the children can choose to relax or follow a program within the defined structure and discipline. The welfare of the child is always the top priority. Examples of activities are harmonium lessons, children’s choir, yoga for children and Indian music lessons with percussion instruments. An activity includes on average 10-15 lessons, the number of children per activity ranges from 8-20. 

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